U-Trau Code of Conduct




U-Trau, Inc. has officially adopted the FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct and has required all manufacturing vendors to post and adhere to the below requirements.

  • U-Trau, Inc. shall not use any forced labor, whether in the form of prison, indentured, bonded labor or otherwise.
  • U-Trau, Inc. does not allow nor condone child labor.
  • U-Trau, Inc. does not purchase or support any organization whose labor practices do not conform to the requirements set forth by the country of manufacture.
  • U-Trau, Inc. does not subject or allow any employee to be physically/sexually/psychologically or verbally abused, nor harassed.
  • U-Trau, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political orientation, or social/ethnic origin.
  • U-Trau, Inc. shall provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees in order to prevent accidents and injury in the workplace.
    • Addendum: U-Trau, Inc. updated all of its warehouse lighting on 1-10-14 in advance to adhere to the upcoming new U.S. lighting standard. The new lighting is significantly more energy efficient and provides a higher level of light to ensure we maintain our record of an injury free work environment.
  • U-Trau, Inc. recognizes and respects the employee’s right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • U-Trau, Inc. employees are not required to work more than 40 hours per week and 12 hours of overtime, with the exception of extraordinary circumstances in which they are entitled to appropriate compensation by law. Employees are also entitled to at least 1 day off within every 7 day period.
  • U-Trau, Inc. employees earn living wages required by state and local law and are compensated for overtime at a premium rate.


U-Trau has also made many other efforts to ensure our Code of Conduct and CR are upheld. Each employee must read and sign a safety protocol, code of conduct, as well as a benefit form when hired, provided in both Spanish and English, to ensure everyone is aware of all regulations within the company. If someone breaks any rules set forth within either form a demerit system is set into place to make sure the workplace remains safe for all employees. In addition, all workplace standards including Code of Conduct and any memos or regulations from local, state, and federal law are posted within the workplace in both languages. U-Trau operates with an open door policy and any employee can come to management with any concern to ensure they are addressed properly.

We also take preventative measures to ensure our workplace remains clean, safe, and functional for our employees. U-Trau has put an emergency plan into place, making sure all employees are aware of protocol if something were to happen on campus. On top of the emergency plan our sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and anything related are inspected yearly by the local fire department ensuring we are up to code. Also, all production machines are on a biweekly maintenance program for cleaning and inspection. On top of the above measures, U-Trau replaced their warehouse lighting to a more efficient and brighter system in 2014. This ensures employees have proper light and saves environmental energy.

U-Trau provides living wages and also took steps this year to ensure all employees are compensated for their hard work. Also, a company-wide incentive plan is in place providing bonus wages to employees if monthly goals are met. This can provide up to a 6% increase to the employees monthly wage. All employees are given paid vacation and personal time, paid holidays, and paid maternity leave. We allow mothers to take up to 3 months of leave and hold their position until their return. U-Trau also holds employee picnics and awards ‘employee of the month’ with additional prizes. Employees are not required to work over 40 hours per week and overtime is optional, which is compensated appropriately at 1.5x their normal rate. Also, we never discriminate for any life preference or disability as shown above in our code of conduct.

U-Trau’s purchasing standards of contracted facilities follow all FLA, CLC, Federal, State, and Local laws in regards to facility cleanliness & workability, worker’s rights, and safety compliance. All products U-Trau and its contracted facilities produce, including fabric, is Made in the USA. We ensure no harmful chemicals and or prohibited materials and practices are used in the production of our goods. U-Trau’s executives make yearly visits to each facility to ensure all standards are upheld and employees are trained and aware of all purchasing policies.

U-Trau continues to take steps throughout the year to ensure all employees are provided with a happy, healthy work environment.

Thank you,
Theresa Bakken
Director of Sales and Merchandising
303-375-9620 x 239